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MarketWatch Is A Must-Have Companion for All Ambitious Investors

MarketWatch is one of the foremost providers of financial information and business news, and the site at MarketWatch.com, along with its sister site BigCharts.com, is very successful at giving investors and business professionals (over 8 million visitors every month) the information they need when they need it. Both MarketWatch.com and BigCharts.com are free to the user, being supported by advertising revenues. MarketWatch also operates as a provider of investment analysis and market information to many corporate entities, banks, and media outlets. Whether you are an individual investor, or leading a large, multinational corporation, MarketWatch offers the tools, information and analysis you can use set yourself apart from the pack and outsmart your competition.

MarketWatch was created in 1995, for the Data Broadcasting Corporation. It's part of one of the most well-known and respectable media corporations in the world: Dow Jones & Co., which is now a subsidiary of News Corporation.

MarketWatch was sold to Dow Jones in 2005 for over $500 million. The purchase gave Dow Jones a greater reach online, and a bigger share of the online advertising market. The company licenses its software to other web sites, allowing users of these sites to keep up with stock prices and get access to other critical data and information. The company also offers a few subscription-based financial newsletters, like the ETF Trader, Options Trader and the Proactive Fund Investor. As a part of Dow Jones, MarketWatch is affiliated with The Wall Street Journal Online (www.WSJ.com) and Barron's Magazine (www.Barrons.com), and is part of a network of free, ad-supported financial sites that provide financial advice and business news to millions of people every month. The www.WSJ.com website alone has more than 700,000 subscribers.

MarketWatch.com offers up-to-the minute coverage of financial markets and world politics. It is divided into sections, much like a newspaper. The sections include:

    • The Front Page which covers the Federal Reserve, major sectors like technology, health care, retail, and cars. The front page also offers video clips, and available-for-download podcasts, as well as a mobile app and an RSS feed.

    • The Commentary section, which includes First Take, Newsletters, and Trading Strategies.

    • Markets which offers comprehensive coverage of US and Canada, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, as well as current market data.

    • Investing covers stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's, options, commodities, and currency trading. This section also features a number of useful investment tools.

    • The Personal Finance section, which covers taxes, retirement, real estate, small business, careers, and budgeting.

The site also has a community feature, where users can interact and share investing tips and advice with fellow investors (and pick up valuable insights from major market players).

MarketWatch.com has allowed Dow Jones to establish a much bigger online presence (it's the third-largest online financial news outlet), and that presence is more important now than ever. MarketWatch.com is all about innovation: it provides clear and concise personal finance information, easy-to-use investment tools and up-to-the-minute commentary, which are all backed up by dedicated, honest and peerless journalism. Over 1,400 stories and market briefs are given each and every day, originating from ten bureaus in the United States, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Whether you get your news from MarketWatch.com, or you tune into their syndicated weekly television program, or their every-half-hour radio updates, MarketWatch is an extremely useful resource which anyone can tap when one needs to get timely, insightful and accurate business news without having to pay a premium.

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